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Expand your market share and boost sales with our services:
Wholesale & Distribution, Private Label Production, Marketing​

As an experienced company in wholesale and private label production,
we can provide the best quality beauty products that cover categories underneath:

Bath & Body


Body Care

Body Scrub

Body Oil

Body Lotion

Body Cream

Shower Gel


Hand & Foot Care

Hand & Foot

Hand Sanitizing Wipes (OTC)

Face Formulation

Face Formulation

Skin Care

Face Formulation

Facial Mask

EYE Formulation


Toner Pads


Emulsion / Lotion


Cleansing Foams

Clansing Wipes


LIP Formulation

EYE Mask

LIP Mask

Facial Mask
Sheet Mask
Hydrogel Mask
Acne Patch


Hair Care

Shampoo & Conditioner

Hair Mask




Facial Brush

Hair Brush

Body Dry Brush


Gift Sets

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Our in-house marketing company, Innerest Solutions, will fully support your product, price, placement, promotion to maximize your sales in return.

Our marketing services include:

 Marketing Consulting 

Entering the U.S. market is just like entering an intense warfare against immeasurable competitors and market challenges. 

To thoroughly investigate and analyze the battleground for victory, Innerest Solutions’ Marketing Consulting Service will provide:

  • Market & Industry Research in US Market

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Product Performance Review

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Trademark / Copyright Review to protect your intellectual properties

 Product Review / Development 

Markets in the United States are exceptionally substantial and yet diverse. Therefore, brands need to incorporate strategic plans to approach to the US markets suitably. 

In order to investigate your brand’s potential and discover additional qualities:


We review and analyze your

  • US social media performance

  • Website (English version)

  • Product packaging design

  • Product price

We also offer to

  • Open your brand’s U.S. social media accounts

  • Create Websites in English for your brand

 Sales Initiations 

One of the most exceptional services that ONLY Innerest Solutions offers is taking the initial step to connect our clients to achieve ACTUAL SALES in US market.

Having more than ten years of sales experience in US, we offer:

  • Direct Support to Attend Global Buyers Events

  • ​Flyer & Banner Designs for the Events

  • Bulk Email / Marketing Services to Contact Buyers

  • Press Kit Set up - Key Messages, Fact sheet, Product/Price list

  • Connecting your brand with North/South American retail channels through our affiliated distributors

 Digital Marketing 

In the 21st century, digital marketing is not just an optional strategy to amplify your brand awareness and exposure. It is necessary.

In order to regulate your brand’s digital marketing activities as efficient and effective as possible, we support:

 Social Media Management

  • Optimize your brand’s social media page

  • Researching current trending hashtags/content ideas

  • Set up and management of Press Office

  • Strategical plan of your brands’ social media contents (Monthly content calendar)

  • Daily engagement on the account - Schedule your informative & aesthetic posts on timely basis

Influencer Marketing – Instagram, Facebook, You tube, etc.

  • Find the most effective influencer for your brand’s niche

  • Contact and negotiate with them to promote / shout-out your brand

  • Develop your marketing campaign with influencers

  • Share the right contents to customers

SEO research & website optimization


  • Create & Manage your paid ads online

Blog Marketing

  • Upload guest posts on blogs

  • Upload magazine or news articles

 Content Creation 

Since all social media platforms and trends are framing people as visual learners, photos, videos, and succinct wordings become crucial in this digital world.

Innerest Solutions’ comprehensive insights and creativity will provide appealing and eye-catching content designs for our clients’ brands.

  • Photo Design

  • Video Production

  • Copywriting

  • Banner Design

  • Website Design / Development

  • Experience Design

  • Viral Marketing

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